I am Baroness Kaleeb Auon Khadrea. I've been in the SCA since 1987, initially in the Kingdom of the Middle with brief periods in Calontir, Ęthelmearc and the West. In 2000 I moved to Atlantia to get married and in 2003 became Baroness of Tir-y-Don, retiring in 2007.

My principle A&S interest is daily life in 9th Century Anglo-Saxon culture. The scope of this interest encompases costuming, weaving, dying, embroidery, calligraphy and illumination, toys and games, woodworking, casting, etc. I also do a lot of Elizabethan costuming for my fencing husband and 14th Century clothing for my children.

I am in the process of converting this page to Wordpress. The new site is available at . At some point soon, the site addresses will swap around and the new site will become the default, so you probably want to keep "" as your bookmark rather than the temporary "ktest" site.

Updated August 10, 2014
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