I have really enjoyed making toys for our sons and friends to use at events.

A toybox filled with blocks, animals, and felted balls always travels with us to events.

A 2005 project was the ark, with dozens of detailed animal pairs. It was inspired by a 1350 manuscript, as documented in my 2005 Pentathlon documentation.

I have researched simple period toys intended for easy mass production for gift baskets, particularly for the Crown to give to children during court. I have taught classes at the Barony and Kingdom and Pennsic level. These classes have produced substantial quantities of fun toys (pictured items are some of the collected work of the class participants).

These girdle books and scribes boxes were created to serve as quiet entertainment during court.

These dolls are based on a doll called the "Bishop of Baffin" which I saw at the Minneapolis Science Museum as part of the Smithsonian's traveling Viking exhibit.

Toys are not always played with the way they were designed.

These cloth dolls (or action figures) were inspired by illuminated bestiaries.

For my children, two of the more popular toys have been these pilgrim's bags & shuttle cocks.

Updated February 21,2010
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