SCA Resume

Kingdom of the Middle 1987-1992

Baroness Kaleeb has been in the SCA since 1987. She started as an undergraduate at Miami University (of Ohio) and within nine months was the seneshal of the Marche of Unicorn in the Barony of Flaming Gryphon.

Office: Seneschal, College of Unicorn 1988-1990
Award: Award of Arms (Middle) 1/20/1990
Award: Gryphon's Plume (Middle) (Barony of Flaming Gryphon) 10/20/1990

Knowne World Travels 1992-1995

During graduate school she participated and lived in Calontir, the Middle, Ęthelmearc and the West.

Kingdom of the Middle 1995-2000

After graduate school she moved to the Shire of Talonvale (Jackson, Michigan) where she served as A&S officer.

Office: Shire Minister of Arts & Sciences

Kingdom of Atlantia 2000-present

In 2000 she moved to Atlantia to get married and in 2003 became Baroness of Tir-y-Don. She held this post for 4 years until required to step down by term limits.

Kaleeb has been hosting the Tir-y-Don weekly A&S classes since 2002. She has worked with the Baronial A&S officers to produce an interesting variety of classes every week. She is a very frequent instructor (perhaps 30% of the classes) at the Baronial level and has also taught at Atlantian Universities, the Knowne World Costuming Symposium, and at multiple Pennsics. She frequently judges at KASF and for Tempora competitions. She autocratted Tir-y-Don's St. Brigid's Thread Needle Faire in 2010.

Award: Swan and Cygnet (Atlantia, Tir-y-Don) 11/10/2001
Award: Whelk (Atlantia, Tir-y-Don) 11/16/2002
Office: Baroness of Tir-y-Don 3/29/2003-3/24/2007
Award: Grant of Arms (Atlantia) 3/29/2003
Award: Coral Branch (Atlantia) 3/5/2005
Award: Court Baroness (Atlantia) 3/24/2007
Award: Pearl (Atlantia) 3/24/2007
Autocrat: St. Brigid's Thread Needle Faire 10/16/2010
Award: Golden Dolphin (Atlantia) 11/5/2011
Award: Golden Phoenix (Atlantia, Tir-y-Don) 3/23/2013

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