I've been commisioned to create regalia for several friends' admission to various orders.

Llwyd Aldrydd's Pelican Cloak

I made my husband's cloak and hand embroidered the pelicans with the stem stitch. More pictures are on my embroidery page. (February 2010)

Rhonwen verch Tuder's Pelican Cloak

I made two embroidered wyverns that were appliqued to the cloak. (March 2010)

James of Middle Aston's Pelican Cloak

I made the cloak and hand embroidered the pelicans.(February 2011)

Dante di Pietro's Laurel Cloak

I designed and embroidered the badge, as a slip, for his cloak. (February 2012)

White Scarves

I've made several white scarves for my husband's use. The left scarf was hand embroidered using the Bayeux tapestry stich for his elevation
and court use. The right scarf was machine embroidered for field use.(2007)

Updated March 12, 2012
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