"G-63" is the garment designation number given to a man's tunic found at the Herjolfsnæs dig. It was radio carbon dated to between 1280 and 1400.

I have adapted the pattern to a child sized garment designed to fit for two years. I am able to do this because the garment is only fitted in the chest and neck area. The sleeves are extra long as is the hem line. This makes it possible for the child to grow without needing additional alterations to the garment.

William at age 3 size 4-T.

William at age 4 size 4-T

William at 4 and Marshall at 2.

William at 5 and Marshall at 2 3/4. William is in a size 6 with hose.

William at 5 and Marshall at 3. Matching garb makes it easy to find your children.

Here is my husband, in one of his rare non-Elizabethan moments, wearing the adult sized G-63.

Updated February 10, 2010
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