Embroidery & Needlework

Some of my needlework includes an embroidered Viking wool hood.

Blackwork on Llwyd's linen vigil shirt. The design is inspired by his device.

Hand embroidered pelicans on Llwyd's cloak made with the stem stitch. Several similar projects can be seen on my Order Regalia page.

An embroided Anglo-Saxon neckline from the 7th Century. It was part of my 2007 Pentathlon entry.

Bayeaux Tapestry pouch created as the class sample for my Bayeux Tapestry Stitch class. I have taught the class three times at Pennsic.

Double sided Tir-y-Don/Atlantia pouch.

Commissioned stem stitch embroidery medallion on a Viking coat.

Simple decorative cuff stitching.

Detail on my new warm Viking coat is the heringbone stitch.

These Book of Kells inspired knotwork pieces are from some of my very early garb.

Updated March 12, 2012
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