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Our family at Pennsic's Runestone Hill in 2009.

Norman garb made for our successors' Invesiture.

Frankish and Byzantine tunics from "Time Traveling T-Tunics" lecture.

Viking tunics from the "Time Traveling T-Tunics" lecture.

6th Century Anglo-Saxon clothing and ring pouch from the "Time Traveling T-Tunics" lecture.

9th Century Anglo-Saxon clothing from the "Time Traveling T-Tunics" lecture.

A viking underwear project from Ymir 2007 and Byzantine tunic. (Underwear documentation)

Children's garb

Our sons William and Marshall in Cotehardies.

Small children's garb for our young kids.

The favorite green tunic.

The Baronial tabards were a group project that I designed, organized, and did a substantial portion of the work on (2004). Our Pennsic melee teams looked great!

I made Matheu and Isabele's Investiture clothing. They are 14th Century. She is wearing a cotehardie and he has a G-63 with braes and hose. (2012)

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